Policies & templates

CCIQ Books is the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland's online bookstore. It features the latest in a range of manuals, templates and policies aimed at helping businesspeople manage their HR and industrial relations obligations.

You can access CCIQ Books to make a single purchase, or subscribe to any publication and get updates for 12 months. All material is sent to you via email in a PDF and editable format so you can personalise them to your own business.

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Available titles include:

  • The Complete Employment Guide
  • Employer Guide for Working from Home
  • Employer Guide to Parental Leave
  • Employer Guide to Record Keeping Obligations
  • Employer Guide to Redundancy
  • Employer Guide to Terminating Employment
  • Guide for Managers on Managing Employee Absences
  • Return to work policy
  • Social Media Policy
  • Workplace Health and Safety policy
  • Workplace Safety Toolkit
  • Employer Guide to Right of Entry
  • Employment Manual Pack
  • Discrimination, Harassment & Bullying Staff Training Pack
  • Employer Guide to Discrimination Harassment and Workplace Bullying