WorkCover efforts to curb rising workers’ compensation costs welcomed by businesses

Friday 8 June, 2012 | Tags: Workplace and Employment Policy

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) has today congratulated WorkCover on efforts to reduce the negative impact of rising workers’ compensation costs on Queensland businesses.

WorkCover has today announced an average 2 per cent increase to workers’ compensation premiums, which is in line with current inflation.

This compares with the 9.2 per cent increase to workers’ compensation premiums delivered last financial year.

Between 2009/10 and 2011/12, the average premium rate increased by 23.5 per cent, resulting in Queensland losing its hold on the lowest premiums in Australia. 

CCIQ Chief Executive Officer Stephen Tait said, "CCIQ has strongly advocated for action to be taken to reduce the rate of increases to premiums, with long term efforts needed to ensure Queensland once again holds the lowest average premium rate."

"This is essential to providing a competitive advantage to Queensland businesses and will be a key element in enhancing the attractiveness of the Queensland business operating environment."  

CCIQ will continue to advocate for the implementation of a range of initiatives to ensure premiums appropriately reflect the experience of individual businesses and actively encourage more safety conscious workplaces.

Initiatives include bonuses for being under the industry average, employers’ premiums not being negatively impacted if an employee is found to be at fault in an incident, no claim bonuses and incentives for rehabilitation and early return to work outcomes.

CCIQ has also welcomed the announcement by the Attorney General and Minister for Justice, the Honourable Jarrod Bleijie, that the Queensland Government will bring forward the review of the Queensland Workers’ Compensation Scheme ahead of a 2013 deadline.

Queensland businesses look forward to the opportunity to provide valuable feedback into the review and encourage the State Government to undertake a wide ranging consultation process in order to deliver improved workers’ compensation arrangements in Queensland.

CCIQ will be pushing for issues such as access to Common Law claims and journey to and from work claims to be addressed in the review.

CCIQ is keen to work with the State Government and WorkCover to ensure Queensland has the most competitive workers’ compensation scheme in the country; one that encourages best practice, operates efficiently, and delivers the best outcomes for both employers and employees.