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Wednesday 24 February, 2016 | By: Darrell Giles | Tags: online marketing, innovation

Gold Coast-based Trove Online has bold visions to clean up the online marketing industry.

Trove Online Director Tracie Eaton said there are several challenges facing the industry today.

Mrs Eaton said consumers often felt frustrated with their trust in online agencies diminished.

“Without a doubt, trust is our industry's biggest challenge. SEO, AdWords and websites are now ‘dirty words’,” she said.

“As business owners, we know we need these services, but who can you trust to do it right?

“There are so many experiences that are shared with us by business who have invested with agencies and have had a website that provides no leads, campaigns that don’t work.

“People now feel really ‘ripped off’, really frustrated and very wary.”

Mrs Eaton said Trove Online wanted to firstly educate small businesses.

“We want to teach as many businesses as we can the right way to engage online for profit,” she said.

“My ultimate goal, helping to ensure the industry becomes regulated, with clear performance benchmarks and measurement.

“ I want to be instrumental in ‘cleaning up’ the online industry, changing how agencies engage and are perceived, changing the mindset of business owners around the effectiveness of online marketing.”

Her best tips for business success:

•             Don’t be afraid to innovate. Your market demands change, so as a business to profitably survive – we must.  Failure to change may mean we become irrelevant.

•             Be very clear on who your ready-to-buy client is and target them, only them and people like them. 

•             Know your passion, know your goals and continue to follow the journey.

•             Always be learning.

“I am incredibly passionate about sharing knowledge and seeing people use this to achieve their business goals profitably,” Mrs Eaton said.

“As a business owner I absolutely understand the vast challenges that we all face – in business and in the new digital space.

“My intention is to ensure that business owners who are time poor, and cash flow poor use experts at growing business to ensure you are getting ‘bang for your buck’.

“We are so committed to this we have now completed our training accreditation, so Trove can offer nationally accredited training courses for businesses who want to understand and control their business growth and newcomers and students who want to enter the industry.”

Mrs Eaton said she was recognised for her ability to remove the ‘hard’ and teach business owners in a simple and easy to understand way, how they can unlock their business potential using online marketing.

Her entry into online digital training was born from a total dis-satisfaction with the lack of advice and results that she received from the various businesses she was involved in.

“In fact, putting it bluntly, after years of seeing businesses spend significant funds in the development and ongoing adjustment of a website and online strategies, after using multiple agencies, and receiving little or no return, I felt completely ‘ripped off’ and disillusioned with the whole industry and internet.

“What this created was a passionate need to help business owners understand and get in control of how online marketing is used for their business.

“To understand what online agencies are doing for you, and how you can truly target and maximise your website and online solutions.

"Trove Online was established to provide honest, real and direct  training, auditing and mentoring services to ensure business’s enjoy the business success online marketing can deliver.”


About Trove Online

Tracie Eaton is a trained occupational therapist that very quickly moved into sales and business management. Trove was created in 2012, initially offering managed SEO, AdWords and web development services.  In 2015, Trove transitioned to offering nationally accredited online readiness training, in-business consults and audits. Trove has a team of seven and this year expanded to become a national operation.

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