The Eight Best Business Blogs to Follow

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Business blogs have become a competitive market and the number of websites are increasing by the day. It’s difficult to sort through so many of these blogs and commit to one that targets you and your business situation. Today the CCIQ team pulled together a fundamental ‘cheat sheet’ of the best business blogs that get straight to the point.


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It’s no secret that Forbes have been a leading international magazine for almost a century, but as the digital world became a predominant part of human life, the launch of super-blog was introduced. Arguably, the most popular business blog with over 27 million readers a month, there is no question that Forbes is a major influencer within the global business community. Although a U.S. publication, should definitely be your go-to business website, because they have some of the world’s most experienced business journalists, so we know that this is as authentic as it gets. 




The Baymard motto “discovering, documenting and sharing the best ways to improve the online user experience”, is definitely the most accurate way of describing what the site does. Baymard gives us the gift of online, action-based research in the form of concise, well-written blog articles. These jam-packed and highly informative articles focus on ecommerce and are free to subscribe to! So why wouldn’t you sign up to find out how you can improve your customer’s online experience? 




The Huffington Post is another leading international online publication with information on current world affairs and trends within the financial and business worlds. The blog caters for every type of business whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business or you just want to know current trends. They have made their website extremely accessible, and frequent posts are sent out to their 7 million Facebook followers, delivering the top daily business news and trends insights. 

Huffington Post



This Australian-grown blog is aimed at micro and small businesses in Australia. All the information provided is perfectly and expertly tailored and relevant to different small and emerging businesses across various sectors. By signing up to the e-newsletters, you’ll have ultimate access to great articles focused around productivity, marketing, wellbeing, money and starting a business. For small and micro business owners, Flying Solo is definitely one publication to keep an eye on.

Flying Solo



Another home-grown Australian blog, Lush Digital is aimed at businesses of all sizes, and is seriously focused towards on branding and marketing ideas. A variety of articles are published daily, targeting all aspects of marketing a business with topics including “what not to do”, “what draws consumers to a brand” and “7 ways to improve your brand”. Each article offers business owners a multitude of tips to enhance their brand and tell their story better. Essentially, you could view Lush Digital a free marketing agency - what more could you ask for?

Lush Digital 


Search Engine Land digs even deeper into the digital marketing side of things, which makes this blog a vital tool for any business, big or small. It investigates and reports on cutting-edge information about search engines, SEO, mobile technology, SEM and many other digital marketing tools. Search Engine Land articles are a great way to keep up with digital trends in the business world. 

Search Engine Land



Maybe work-life balance is really achievable after all? Business Insider Australia seems to think so! This blog is the national holy grail of all business information sites. Targeting businesses of all sizes, Business Insider is a driver behind the latest news across tech, money and markets, finance, briefing, ideas and executive life. This multimedia platform mimics a newspaper, giving business owners and managers the tools to stay up to date with what’s happening in the corporate world.

Business Insider



We can’t ignore the fact that social media plays a huge role in business in today’s world. Thanks to Social Media Examiner, we now have a serious ‘cheat sheet’ for all the tricks of the trade! This blog combines knowledge about marketing strategies with social media platforms such as Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and more, giving businesses a cost effective way to engage with audiences without the burden of paid advertising. This free website extends its information channels through Facebook, so you’ll always be up to date with social media trends.

Social Media Examiner


With so much free content available on the internet, there are less reasons today, than there were ten years ago, to not succeed at marketing, promoting and managing your business. Keeping up with trends in branding, finance, marketing, social media, e-commerce and other key areas is vital for your business to stay modern and relevant to your target audience.  

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