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What can employers do to end violence against women

Friday 25 November, 2016 | By: Jason Wales | Tags: domestic violence, White Ribbon Day, policies, leadership

Today is White Ribbon Day, a national awareness day to encourage us all to understand domestic violence and stop violence against women. One in three Australian women have experienced physical or sexual violence perpetrated by someone they know, so if you run a team there’s a good chance you’ll have employed someone who has been subject to (or someone who has perpetrated) domestic violence. Read more.

Don’t mention the ’S’ word: 3 mistakes business owners make when building systems

, | By: Tamara Simon | Tags: management, business systems, policies, procedures

Mention the words ‘policy’ or ‘procedures’ and most people either cringe or roll their eyes. Mention ‘systems’ to a business owner and the predictable responses are: “I wish I had them but …” or “I know I need them but …”. And then the ‘but’ is followed by something similar to “… I’m too busy” or “… I don’t have time” or “… we’ve got them and no one uses them”. Read more.