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Time to move on

Tuesday 1 December, 2015 | By: Default Admin | Tags: firing, termination, HR, management, regulation, redundancy

It'll happen. There will come a time when one of your employees acts in a way that means they simply can't stay on. As business owners, doing something about it falls to you. But there are ways you can make it easier on yourself, your business and the person you're letting go. Read more.

Getting payments right

Tuesday 1 December, 2015 | By: Default Admin | Tags: HR, finances, wages, modern awards, regulation, red tape

Despite simplifying more than 500 state-based awards into a national set of 122 Modern Awards a few years ago, getting payments right is still a headache. In certain industries – think shift-workers and casual hospitality staff – it’s even tougher for employers to avoid pay mistakes. Read more.

Bullies, beware

Tuesday 1 December, 2015 | By: Default Admin | Tags: HR, bullying, culture

Name-calling, nasty text messages, gossip or just sheer physical abuse… bullying is so childish we like to think even children should be above it. However, bullying is common among adults, too. Especially at work. Read more.

6 great questions to ask a job candidate

Tuesday 1 December, 2015 | By: Default Admin | Tags: HR, hiring, culture

You’ve survived the Seek-driven deluge of applicants and shortlisted some potentials. What questions will help you find the right person? We ask some seasoned employers to offer up their best tried-and-tested tips. Read more.

Why every small business needs a team culture guru

, | By: Karl Schwantes | Tags: HR, culture, team, management, premium content

In this competitive market, business owners have more to think about than ever before. Sharp focus on sales, profit, tax obligations, and clients often means that you can forget about team culture. A strong team culture attracts great people, which in turn equals success, so it’s important to put energy into creating a happy environment. A high-functioning team can be the difference between a 5% and a 25% growth. Read more.

The Rules of Redundancy

, | By: Colin Fruk | Tags: Fair Work, HR, IR, redundancy

The business is booming, making money, and life is good. Suddenly, things take a turn for the worse, and you are forced to let staff go to make ends meet. Many of our members have been fortunate enough to avoid dealing with redundancy, but when a situation arises where an employee or group of employees must be made redundant, it can be challenging for business owners to navigate the complex requirements.  Read more.