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Why 90% of marketing advice is absolutely wrong!

Do you feel like you are being left behind? Like you are obviously an idiot for not being on social media?

Relax, because in this article, we’re going to show you that the right marketing for your business is what is right for your business. It isn’t a case of having to be on social media or having to advertise. The choice of the right marketing is a lot more strategic than that and we’re going to show you how.

For the past fifteen years we’ve been helping business owners just like you find their sweet spot in their market segment. Helping them to identify marketing that works for them. Unfortunately the wider business world is in a lot of confusion at the moment, driven by the dominant messages in the media being about social media and online marketing. Headlines like ‘Why business owners must be on social media’ or ‘Five hundred million people a second check their Facebook’ are no help to the average business owner.

Here is why? In a recent study we surveyed over 140 business owners – 80% of whom said they were on social media. It was the predominant marketing channel used by these business owners and yet they rated their marketing programs on average at 4.36 out of 10!

It’s obvious that whilst they have chosen social media, they are not confident it is working for them. For the business owner the only marketing that is useful to them is marketing that works. ‘Works’, usually meaning to them, that it helps them get new customers.

Here’s five things you can do today, to stop being confused and get a better marketing plan:

1. Survey your existing customers

Ask them questions on how they rate you on things like service, quality, delivery, responsiveness, fixing issues and similar items. Ask them if they would refer you. Use this information to find out what they need and want and how well you are doing at solving these needs and wants.

2. Decide on a primary target audience

Be very specific in terms of age, sex, demographics, location, interests. Really get to know the needs and wants of this target audience. You can organise your whole business around a specific target audience in a niche. It is very powerful to know that you are valued by a specific group of customers rather than trying to be all things to all people.

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3. Pilot some marketing ideas

Instead of investing your whole budget, use a small amount to test your marketing in one suburb or with a small sample of your existing customers. Test what works and then roll out only the marketing that has resulted in more business, new customers or referrals. Stop anything that doesn’t work.

4. Stop listening to the media

Most of the marketing advice about social media and google and other online marketing is coming from the very companies that earn an income from these channels. Stop putting Dracula in charge of the Blood Bank. Instead listen to your customers and the market instead of the media.

5. If you’re still confused in a month

Do Steps 1 to 4 again. Take a deep breath and get to understand your market, your customers and yourself a little better and I guarantee you the confusion about your marketing will diminish over time.
In the past six months, we’ve seen some amazing old school marketing ideas like surveying customers, sending thank you letters, ringing and talking to customers and promoting through community groups all work incredibly well at driving new purchases and new business.

None of them have been online or on social media. We’re not saying social media isn’t right for your business. But treat it like every other marketing channel – test it first and use it if it works. But don’t just be on it because someone said you had too!.

We hope these ideas help you feel a little more relaxed and less confused about your marketing.

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Hunter Leonard

About the contributor:

Hunter Leonard is The Marketing Chef ®. His passion for the past 25 years has been to help business owners find their sweetspot and build a better marketing strategy. Hunter has benchmarked over 1200 business owners to understand their needs and wants in regards to marketing. He has won six major marketing awards for effectiveness, contributed to over $2b in sales growth for his clients, and consulted directly to more than fifty companies in 20 different industries. Hunter has also written five books on marketing and communication and is on a mission to change the lives of one million business owners through marketing. When not working on marketing strategies, he is cooking, playing music or bush walking. Website:> 

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