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Retail communities can no longer rely solely on ‘position, position, position’ to capture their fair share of the customer dollar, according to retail consultancy Spruiker Hire.

Desley Cowley, owner of Spruiker Hire and independent licensed shopping centre manager, said small businesses cannot realistically compete in price against online traders.

“The retail landscape is changing and with change will come some disruption, possibly many more failures and bankruptcies and almost certainly an increase in SMEs earning far less than they could be earning working for someone else,” she said.

“You don’t have to be one of them.  You can be ‘the one that made it to the top’.”

Ms Cowley said that in every food court in every shopping centre sales turnover can vary from store to store by up to 400 per cent, or more.

“One food operator may be achieving sales between $280,000-$400,000 and yet the foodie in the tenancy right next door could easily be turning over $1.3m to $1.4m,” she said.

“Same customer base, same number of people walking past their door, same location.”

Why is that so?

Ms Cowley says there are three easy to implement no/low cost actions you can take that, if implemented with thought, effort and enthusiasm will make a difference to your Christmas sales:

1.            Take advantage of the FREE resources offered by your centre management

The majority of shopping centre/mall precincts offer the following free services to their retailers:

•             PA announcements

•             Posters displayed throughout the centre

•             Free listings on the centre’s web site

•             Free social media activity

•             Free participation in major events in your centre up to 6 times a year

Review what is on offer and make use of it. It’s surprising how few retailers do and yet the ones that take the time to plan ahead and make use of these resources reap the rewards. 

2.            Engage with your community

Be vigilant in asking every customer to check in on Facebook the moment they walk in the door.  Deliver awesome customer service, give them a little bonus (it can be a free chocolate, balloon for the kids, gift voucher to use next time and ask them to write a review as they are leaving. 

Between you, your staff and your customers you would have direct/indirect contact with local community groups. 

Connect with them in ways that will:

•             support their efforts

•             create goodwill. 

You could:

•             share details of their events on your Social media pages

•             establish a ‘community spirit’ page on your web page/social media page

•             hold a fundraising or awareness event/campaign instore

3.            Cross Promote with other retailers/businesses

Cross promoting with other retailers/businesses can bring rewards in more ways than the simple act of promoting each other’s offer.

Once relationships are formed, guidelines established and some wins achieved the creative brain will kick in and even more/better ideas will start to flow.

Here are a couple of thoughts to kick off:

Coffee Shop – offer free coffee vouchers to:

•             doctors surgery, optometrist, health practitioner patients/patients  (customers will buy more than a coffee, especially if they have kids)

•             casual leasing staff (they’ll send their customers your way)

Hairdresser - free ‘real’ coffee from coffee shop

•             Pay for it and ask for a discount and free delivery…keep your hairdressers and apprentices cutting hair and selling stock NOT making coffee

VIP Events

•             Plan and execute a VIP event in conjunction with your pharmacy or other retailer who has a database/invitation list.

•             You supply the food or gifts for the goody bag (with a call to action offer to bring them into your store), they supply the mailing list

“These are just a small handful of ideas that can make a difference to your Christmas sales,” Ms Cowley said.

If you would like to find out more ideas on how to maximise sales generated from your Christmas marketing campaign, click here to register for the CCIQ Partner webinar on Tuesday 24th November , presented by Desley Cowley, using a real case study.

You can nominate your business for the case study.  Details on the registration form for the webinar.

About The Author

Desley Cowley from Spruiker Hire is an independent licensed shopping centre manager, key note speaker, trainer and facilitator.

She works with owners and developers to turn underperforming retail assets into vital and profitable community hubs and helps shopping centres and retailers source and train quality talent.

Contact Desley on 0419 817973 for a 15-minute obligation-free discussion to find out how she can help you.



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