Life membership for champion of Queensland small business

Wednesday 30 November, 2016 | By: Darrell Giles | Tags: small business champion, grass roots, chamber of commerce

Cairns Regional Councillor Brett Moller has been awarded life membership of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) for his many years as a “true champion” of small business.

CCIQ President Theresa Moltoni, in presenting the award to Mr Moller at the AGM yesterday, said it recognised a past CCIQ President, Regional Policy Chair, State Policy Director and a local chamber champion who had helped shape the future direction and success of CCIQ.

“CCIQ life memberships are only awarded to the best of the best, those individuals who have embodied the values of our organisation and worked tirelessly to build networks, businesses and success across the state, while devoting their precious personal time to helping advance the cause of CCIQ and to make Queensland the best state in which to do business in Australia,” Ms Moltoni said.

“Brett Moller has been a leader in the chamber movement at a local, state and federal level and in a true indication of his character has now successfully transitioned into local government where he can use his significant skills to be a champion for the people of Cairns he is fortunate to represent.”

Mr Moller first became involved with the chamber movement in 1993 when as a young lawyer he moved from Goondiwindi to return to his home town of Gordonvale to open and manage the Gordonvale office of the law firm Marino & Smith Solicitors.

He joined the Gordonvale Chamber of Commerce to network, meet the business community and promote his new business venture – a membership he held until April 2016.

As part of the chamber, he not only looked to build his business, but also worked for the greater good, becoming involved in projects that would help to fire up the local economy.

Mr Moller wrote the application for Gordonvale to be included in a pilot “Main Street” program promoted by the State Government’s Department of Tourism, Industry & Small Business, which was to foster a partnership between State, Local Government, landlords, business owners and the community, to improve the streetscape, foster business development, upgrade buildings and facades and market and promote the town driving economic growth and development.

Gordonvale was successful and was included in the program and he was elected the inaugural Main Street Committee Chair.

That led to Brett becoming involved with CCIQ, when appointed as Gordonvale Chamber of Commerce’s representative on the Far North Qld CCIQ Policy Council and remained a policy councillor until April 2016.

From there Brett became President of Gordonvale Chamber, for three terms: 1998 – 2000, 2003, 2009 – 2016.

While taking on a wider role with CCIQ, in 2009 he was elected the Chair of the CCIQ Far North Qld Policy Council and was appointed to the State Board of CCIQ the same year, remaining Policy Chair and State Director until 2015 where he stepped down after his third and final 2-year term by rotation.

“By this time, anyone who didn’t know Brett would assume he had enough on his plate, but in the true spirit of small business, he took on even more responsibilities,” Ms Moltoni said.

At a federal level, he served as a director on the Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry. He then went on to serve as CCIQ President from 2013 to 2015 and was instrumental in creating the future vision for CCIQ and shaping the future strategy that this business had to take in order to remain viable.

“In April 2016, Brett made the courageous decision to run for election and successfully became a councillor on the Cairns Regional Council,” Ms Moltoni said.

“But it would be unlike Brett to walk away from a 20-year relationship and we are delighted that Brett retains his commitment to advancing small business and working with CCIQ and our regional policy teams to ensure that at all levels of government the needs of small businesses are firmly on the agenda.

“From driving constitutional change, unwinding commercial arrangements, to modernising CCIQ’s approach to governance and protocols, Brett has shown vision that will underpin a great future.”

Mr Moller said his greatest achievement and level of personal satisfaction in his time at CCIQ was his journey through the state and national chamber movement and what he was able to achieve was done while he continued to be an active participant in the local Gordonvale chamber.

“So when captains of industry in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth were talking about grass roots feedback, he was living and breathing it,” Ms Moltoni said.

“Brett Moller has been a true champion of small business.”

Brett Moller 

Former CCIQ President Brett Moller (centre) receiving his life membership from current CCIQ President Theresa Moltoni and CEO Stephen Tait.


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