Job shedding highlights importance of Tuesday’s State Budget

Thursday 9 June, 2011 | Tags: State and Federal Budgets

Statement by David Goodwin, CCIQ President

Today’s poor labour market numbers highlight an urgent need for Tuesday’s State Budget to support Queensland businesses, according to Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland (CCIQ).

In seasonally adjusted terms, in May full-time jobs declined by 3,600 persons and total employment within Queensland declined by 4,800 confirming that many businesses outside of the resources sector were now having to shed jobs to survive.

CCIQ President David Goodwin said that in the tough economic environment, business expenditure in discretionary areas such as training, plant and equipment is wound back. 

“Following this businesses have to start making difficult decisions to shed labour which is what we are seeing in today’s labour market numbers.

“The State Government must use Tuesday’s Budget to rebuild not only Queensland but its businesses. 

“More assistance is needed for businesses directly and indirectly affected from the natural disasters, infrastructure rebuilding, an urgent plan to eliminate red tape and an emphasis on budget fundamentals.

“Business confidence needs to be restored by this State Budget.

“However for this to occur, the State must also address its reluctance to look at its own cost structure which is the underlying cause of its financial difficulties and not the GFC or our recent natural disasters,” Mr Goodwin said.

CCIQ will be looking to the State Government to:

  • Affirm there will be no new or increased taxes fees or charges
  • Implement further marketing to highlight that Queensland is open for business and encourage Queenslanders to buy and holiday locally
  • Implement an action plan to reduce red tape
  • Implement not just a Queensland infrastructure restoration plan but an enhancement plan