From Waste to Resource: CCIQ releases waste blueprint

Tuesday 5 October, 2010 | Tags: Energy Environment and Sustainability

Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland (CCIQ) has released a blueprint calling on the government to equally share responsibility among businesses, government and households for waste reduction in Queensland.

CCIQ President David Goodwin said the blueprint, entitled 'From Waste to Resource: Changing the way business views waste', draws on business feedback received through a recent snap poll on waste management practices and outlines CCIQ's position and recommendations for efficient waste management.

"This blueprint is about changing the way we think about waste and turning it into an economic opportunity - about taking action now so that we can maintain the liveability and economic prosperity for all Queenslanders into the future," Mr Goodwin said.

"We maintain our objection to the introduction of the Commercial Waste Levy on the grounds that municipal/household waste is exempt from the levy.

"At a very minimum we would like to see a commitment by government to review the decision to exclude domestic waste from the levy within two years, and an independent review into instruments and mechanisms to provide adequate pricing signals and incentives to households to encourage improved waste management practices."

Revenue from the waste levy must be directed solely to achieve waste avoidance, recovery and management, and not to general environment projects as currently proposed, Mr Goodwin said.

"All Queenslanders must have access to low cost, high quality and efficient recovery, reuse and recycling infrastructure and services.

"More support should be provided to the business sector to inform them of and assist them with the uptake of best practice waste management practices."

CCIQ also has ongoing concerns for the operation and regulation of the waste and resource recovery 'market' and the role local councils play, including price setting, approvals and ownership of infrastructure.

"CCIQ would welcome an independent review to ensure the transparency and competitiveness in the waste market," Mr Goodwin said.

"We need to generate and maintain the desire to take responsible action on waste, in which we share a sense that what we do to reduce or better manage waste - as designers, as producers, as retailers, as purchasers, and consumers - will make a real difference to the things we care about."

From Waste to Resource: CCIQ's waste blueprint