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Wednesday 2 December, 2015 | By: Darrell Giles | Tags: digital disruption, innovation, Uber

Small business owners and senior managers of medium organisations have to have a flare for creative thinking and problem solving.

According to Area9 business development manager Richard Keys “that’s why you’re surviving in business”.

“Generally the business losing the competition calls it Digital Disruption … the business that is winning the competition calls it Innovation,” he said.

"Recently, developments in technology have meant that businesses have access to tools that can revolutionise the way they do business.

“It’s not the high tech businesses being disrupted. There are some low tech businesses are using technology to compete effectively with large businesses that were previously dominating the market.

"These small companies could not have dreamed of competing with larger companies in the past.

“Think Uber vs the taxi industry.”

Mr Keys said to consider companies that do not make or supply what they sell:

•             Uber does not own cars, but it is the world’s largest ride sharing/taxi company:

•             Facebook does not create content, but it is one of the largest media companies in the world.  

•             Alibaba carries no stock, but it is the world’s most valuable retailer.

•             Airbnb and Stayz do not own property, but they are huge in the property market.

Here are some ways to get a different perspective on your business.

How would you disrupt your own business?

What would the founders of disruptive/innovative companies do if they owed your business?

People like Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp from Uber, Steve Jobs from Apple.

Mr Keys said to use business tools like Porter’s five forces to see opportunities in the market.

“The benefits of technology are not just about stimulating business but it can also enable you to let your business work for you rather then you work for your business,” he said.

“Innovation can also be about automating the administration of your business and your business processes.

“Deep down we know that being burnt out and exhausted is not good for business and more importantly it is not good for the family and your own wellbeing.

“Many times the difference in surviving and thriving in business is precisely the creative idea and drive that got you established in the first place but real thriving means business is going well and it is sustaining your lifestyle.”

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About the Author

Richard Keys is the Business Development Manager for Area9.

He has worked across several industries and he has been an IT manager for over a decade innovating solutions for large and small enterprises to give people the competitive edge.

Contact Richard on 0477 969 195 for a 15-minute obligation free discussion to find out how technology not only stimulate your business but enable you to get your business to work for you rather than you work for your business.


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