CCIQ Technology welcomes State Government's ICT Action Plan

Thursday 29 August, 2013

CCIQ Technology chair Maree Adshead says the Queensland Government’s new ICT Action Plan will herald a new era for the state’s ICT industry and the wider business community.

Ms Adshead, who responded to the plan on behalf of the Queensland business community at South Bank on Thursday, said the action plan was a platform for new opportunities for the technology industry.

CCIQ Technology is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland’s technology arm.

“This is an opportunity for good economic progress by freeing up capacity for service delivery to the private sector and creating markets in areas where they have previously not existed,” she said.

“By embarking upon a committed, funded, renewal agenda, the Queensland Government is taking a lead role on the issues of outsourced technical skills and capability.

“This will have additional impacts on the business community and thereby creates further opportunity for the technology industry.”

Ms Adshead said the plan covered off on key areas such as red tape and over-regulation, enhanced access to Government and enhanced service delivery for Queensland business.

“Any move to ease the cost of doing business with Government is received with open arms,” she said.

“The ability to conduct compliance activities digitally means real and significant savings of time and money for business.

“Additionally, enhanced access for our local businesses to knowledge and understanding of ICT services via renewed public service delivery, will mean higher digital capability of our business community.”

However, Ms Adshead said the plan must not be shelved in the bottom drawer and called on the Government and industry to work together to ensure Queensland businesses could capitalise on its implementation.

“We urge the government to adopt the action plan across all of the agencies and support it through simplified, open and reformed ICT procurement,” she said.

“This is that central piece of the puzzle that must be in place for industry to truly play its collaborative role in the successful implementation of the plan.”


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