CCIQ Technology Launch - Stephen Tait's welcome address

Friday 8 February, 2013 | Tags: CCIQ Technology

Welcome to this, the official launch of CCIQ Technology and formal release of our recent Digital Readiness Study.

I’d like to thank you for coming along this evening which for many of you might be the first introduction to the Chamber of Commerce movement.

Over the last 12 months we have embarked on a significant shift in changing our value proposition and indeed positioning. 

However, there are times where there can still be some misconceptions about exactly who we are and what we do.

So forgive me if I can clear up some possible pre-conceived ideas about CCIQ:

  • We’re not a Government Agency
  • We’re not a branch of the Public Service
  • We’re not a political arm of any party

We are a non-profit membership organisation that solely exists to provide service, advice to all SME’s in Queensland on all issues that could power their full potential.

This is an organisation that has a unique relationship with SME’s in Queensland. 

Our ongoing research into the challenges facing SME’s provide us with deep, authentic insights which allow us to provide a trusted source of advice and services on how we can help them be more successful in their businesses.

However, in spite of this well-kept secret we represent the interests of nearly 25,000 SME’s directly and indirectly through our regional network of Chambers.

Our three fundamental deliverables are:


  1. At our core, we lobby all levels of Government for the most beneficial business policies developed from the insights we have captured.
  2. We protect our members by offering advice on legislative and workplace relations through our IR helpline and webinars.
  3. But finally, and most importantly we educate, encourage and inspire them to be more productive by introducing new understandings of what they can do themselves to be more successful.

As I said earlier, this value, relevance and indeed service isn’t created in a vacuum; it’s as a direct result of the insights we capture when developing our core policies.

And as a result of this change in strategy and focus we have seen a 45% growth in new membership’s year-on-year, year to date.

Which takes us to why we’re here this evening.

Over 96% of businesses in Queensland are SME’s, and contribute over 45% of gross state product.  They are critical to backbone of the supply chain to the larger projects.

We believe that in order for SME’s to thrive, grow, compete and be profitable they need to be given the tools to innovate and integral to this belief sits our study carried out late 2012.

The study clearly shows us that there is a gap that SME’s need to close in order to fully embrace the opportunity of the Digital Economy.

Therefore, we felt that the ideal opportunity was to garner the support and experience of the ICT Industry in Queensland in order to share, engage and educate their fellow SME’s.

So, the decision was made to develop a dedicated stream of CCIQ that could bridge the gap between the broader business community and you the enablers, in a practical, pro-active manner.

This is not another talk-fest, symposium, networking opportunity. 

This is not a Technology Industry Specific Lobbying Group, we will work with other Technology Associations.

But naturally, we will compliment and vigorously advocate for the support of technology adoption with the broader SME community.

CCIQ Technology is building the skill capability of Queensland businesses by leveraging your experience and guidance on the subjects you feel are important to SME’s. 

This is about creating a practical series of workshops, webinars and tools that will be rolled out over the coming months.

This will culminate in a follow up report detailing our progress and improvement in a truly accountable manner at the end of this year.

This plan will only be made possible by your support and involvement and to that end, I wish to thank Glentworth, Maree Adshead and indeed the whole CCIQ Technology Council for helping form a group that will deliver the impetus for all SME’s to develop a practical plan and engagement strategy.

I would also like to thank Bruce at New Engine for the Digital Readiness Map, where users can delve deeper into tonight’s findings.

Once again, many thanks and I would now like to hand over to Maree who will now take you through our findings and explain a little bit more about CCIQ Technology.

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